Masjid al-Farouq in Atlanta, Georgia

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3 Comments on “Masjid al-Farouq in Atlanta, Georgia”

  1. Ify Okoye says:

    A sister Asiah Kelley wrote about her experiences here on my other blog:

    Funny you should put up a picture of Al Farooq. That is my masjid. Sure it is pretty. Women have nice facilities. But not equal. We are up on a different floor, and can view the “real” mosque through a latticed, glass window. There is no opportunity to participate. There are women’s classes taught by women. And there was a symposium for Muslim-Non-Muslim Relations in December where they did a panel on Muslim women, taught by all men!

    I was witness to a very sad sight when a friend of mine took shahada there. The imam gave shahada to her through the speaker, and she in another room. He went too fast, but she couldn’t tell him that, so she stumbled to speak after him. She didn’t know where to stand so she stood by the door closest to the men’s section. This brings me to another question, can women witness shahada. Always been a question of mine.

    However I know some of the ppl who run Al Farooq and they are generally nice, good intentioned ppl. But all that glitters is not gold. Women’s space in masajid is about much more to me than decorations.

  2. wheatie says:

    The links have turned into porn….

    • Ify Okoye says:

      Indeed, my apologies, sadly I gave up my old url and it’s been taken over the ubiquitous porn industry. Thanks for the heads up, I’ve updated the comment with the current link.

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