Masjid in Afourer, Morocco

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Brooke Benoit:

The women’s space for this masjid is on the second floor, of course there is no elevator and the washroom is actually one more flight of stairs up, on the roof. Climbing the steps, it struck me that not only is it unfortunate that this setup excludes women with disabilities, but I thought of all the older women who are no longer tied down with young children (like I still am alhumdiAllah) and may now want to go to the masjid to pray in peace or go to jummah to learn more about there religion, but are physically unable to because of the steps.

Initially I felt very happy about the space. The sheep skins make prayer much more comfortable on the hard floors and the fan was a nice surprise. But then I saw the main space–the men’s side. It is so beautiful masha Allah. Why can’t that be extended to the women? Why aren’t we worthy of that kind of beauty in our prayer space? And when I stood in the doorway to take the picture I got barked at for “standing in the men’s space”–blocking the doorway. SubhanAllah. I really felt like a second class citizen in that moment, if that.


3 Comments on “Masjid in Afourer, Morocco”

  1. afourer says:

    this pictures are for 2 or 3 mosques cose i know this places .so what u r wrting that a women there is in a second class citizen is wrong because only a few ladies come to do prayeres islam the prayeres of a women is bettere to di it at home .
    thank you

    • Br00ke says:

      These pictures are for one masjid. I took them with my camera. I said that I felt like a second class citizen for being reproached for blocking the entry to the masjid–no men were even praying at that time or trying to seek entrance, but my presence as a woman near the doorway of a masjid was still problematic to the point where I was rudely treated by my brother in Islam and that is how it made me feel–less than. It doesn’t matter how many women attend–what matters is how they are treated for trying to attend, how they can’t attend because of lack of access. The masjid is often the only place a woman can learn her religion. The prophet (saw) said not to bar women from the masjid–not to refuse to allow her to go, and Allah knows best.

    • afourer says:

      sorry i spend my life in this small village .i know every inch soil, so u can spicify wich masjid you mean?
      eid mubarak

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