Inside Dar al Noor Mosque in Manassas, Virginia

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This past Saturday, I visited the Dar al Noor Islamic Community Center in Manassas, Va, which according to the center’s website, has two women serving on the mosque’s board of directors. I entered through a common door, put my shoes on the shoe rack, and walked to the prayer hall where a mother was praying next to her young daughter in what seemed to be the back of a common prayer area.

I didn’t see a partition so I also prayed there. After I completed the 2 units of prayer as a greeting to the mosque, I noticed a wooden wall to my left. Curious, I walked over to investigate further and much to my surprise found that this appeared to be the area designated for women. You can see it for yourself in the above slideshow.


One Comment on “Inside Dar al Noor Mosque in Manassas, Virginia”

  1. Shereen says:

    Sister, the entire half of the upstairs is devoted to women as well, much bigger space than that

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